Dear Breastfeeding Moms, Formula Won’t Hurt Your Baby


This post is for all those mommas who intended on breastfeeding but may have to supplement with formula. Or for those parents who haven’t yet decided if they want to formula or breastfeed. Or for those crazy intense ‘Breast is best’ advocates who could use a reality check. (hint: I used to be one of them!)

The past several months have been pretty rough for me when it comes to feeding my child. He has been irritable and distracted when I try to nurse, often latching on for only 30 seconds or so and then pulling away with an angry cry. I have had a feeling for a while now that my supply was down, but I had no idea how bad it was until a couple weeks ago I went to pump right before feeding him. I didn’t even get an ounce. For both sides. Obviously, for a 6 month old that is not nearly enough milk!

I first noticed an issue right after his 4 month well check, at which his doctor said we could start him on solids. He took to solid foods like he had been eating from a spoon all along! At first I thought the decrease in supply was due to the that, but we really didn’t decrease the number of feedings, we just added a small solid food meal into his routine. After a while, I thought maybe it was because I had started working out again, and perhaps my sports bras were too tight. This could have been part of the issue, but in reality it probably had nothing to do with it. I also read this article on which made me think “Maybe my supply really isn’t low, and it’s all just in my head.” Can we talk about confusion? Cue the headaches and sleepless nights. (Which also can cause a decrease in milk supply – ARGH!)

When we went for his 5 month well check, I mentioned my less-than-one-ounce of pumping to the doctor. She immediately said, “oh don’t worry – pumping never yields the same amount that your baby would be able to extract.” She also said if I was worried I could supplement with formula. I didn’t want to do this. It was hands down the absolute last thing I wanted to try. I dug my heels in for WEEKS about this, thinking I could fix my boob problem.

Finally, after our move back to Wisconsin, we took Little S to see a new pediatrician. After I voiced my concerns about feeding and supply, she referred us to a local lactation consultant. Almost immediately the consultant could tell that my supply was down, but more importantly she had a explanation as to why.

It turns out that all along, Little S has had an undiagnosed tongue tie (something less than 5% of babies get), but to make matters worse he also has a pretty severe upper lip tie! (For a great comprehensive explanation of both of these, see this article on the Breastfeeding USA website) I have not gotten an official confirmation yet, but based on the research I have done, I believe he has the Anterior tie which really is not noticeable unless you really look for it. His lip tie however is very obvious, and I don’t know how we didn’t notice it before. I am so glad I followed my mother’s instincts and brought it up at the visit. For weeks now I have been telling his pediatrician, family and friends that I thought something was wrong, and everyone kept telling me I was worrying for no reason, and after the dozenth time hearing “Look, he seems so happy, there’s nothing to be worried about!” I started to believe them.

In the beginning, I didn’t have any supply issues. In fact, I overproduced like crazy! I remember asking my mom on the day he was born how I’d be able to tell when my milk came in. Well, I laughed when it actually happened because it was really obvious. I’d have to change breast pads numerous times a day, and pump between feedings in order to avoid engorgement. Fast forward 4 months and suddenly I didn’t need to wear a breast pad at all, and my breasts didn’t even feel full like they used to! I asked my mom about it, and she told me this was normal and that my body was just regulating to produce the correct amount of milk.

During his first few months, no one noticed Little S had any mouth troubles because the milk practically leaked right into his mouth and he hardly had to do any of the work. Right around that 3 or 4 month mark, my milk supply started to regulate and suddenly he had to work so much harder to get the same amount of milk – and eventually he’d suck and get even less. Since milk supply is based on supply and demand, and he has not able to properly suck with his tongue and upper lip tethered down, my body has responded by not producing as much milk.  This would frustrate him further, which in turn would frustrate me. I can’t even tell you how many times over the past several months I have encouraged him with “It’s okay buddy, just keep eating”, only to have him scream in my face with frustration. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I felt like doing the same thing back at him!

One day, I was in the midst of one of these struggles with my dear little one. Suddenly, in swooped my husband with one of the pre-mixed formula samples we got in the mail, and the best of intentions and said, “Hey, why don’t we give this a try?”. I told him (probably a little more forcefully than I should have) “No, I don’t want to use formula!” and I asked him to just thaw a bit of breastmilk from the freezer. Shortly thereafter, our freezer stock diminished to nothing, and when that happened, he insisted.

That first formula bottle he gave our child made me so angry, defeated, and upset. I felt like I had failed my son, and let down our whole family. As he hungrily sucked down not one but two of those little bottles, I went to take a shower and silently cried for about 10 minutes. Something that was supposed to be so natural had become so unbelievably stressful, and not only that, but it was causing tension between my husband and I.

He kept telling me, “Why does it matter how he gets fed, as long as he is growing properly?” and our family members would tell me, “Millions of babies every year grow up on formula, there is absolutely nothing wrong with switching over.” The worst was when people would say “Oh, I didn’t have any issues like that, but you tried so that’s what counts.” and in my head I would think, “No, it’s not what counts, I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO FEED MY SON!”

All those well-intentioned comments were like a slap in the face, even though they shouldn’t have been!

I am still struggling with the fact that he is drinking formula instead of the natural (and free!) milk that I have been trying so hard to produce. When I imagined having kids, I always envisioned breastfeeding each of them for at least a full year, and it never EVER occurred to me that we would have to supplement.

I think the feelings I have of failure and defeat stem from my own insecurities, but also from today’s society. A couple generations ago, it was considered ‘low class’ to breastfeed. If you couldn’t afford to buy formula, you were considered poor. But society shifted its’ point of view once they learned the health benefits for both mom and baby. These days, women are looked down upon if they use formula, which is just horrifying to me. I remember seeing a friend on Facebook posting about how she got dirty looks from people as she mixed up formula, or people who would try to lecture her on why ‘breast is best’.  Yes, breast is best and I know that is an indisputable fact. But formula is a wonderful second option for those who have breastfeeding troubles. And remember this, every woman is different, and every baby is different. Their situation is not something for others to judge from the outside, and ‘formula shaming’ is just plain WRONG!

All that said, this doesn’t mean I am giving up on breastfeeding altogether. I am way too stubborn to just give up like that. I am currently pumping about 5 times a day, drinking so much water and Mothers Milk tea I fear I might drown, and I even increased my caloric intake to see if that would help too. We also are going to get a second opinion (I guess third if you count his first pediatrician who did nothing) on having the procedure to snip the tongue tie, and I also made an appointment with a Speech and Language Pathologist who often works with little ones on proper sucking technique. And who knows, maybe this is all only temporary and he will soon be back to exclusively breastfeeding. But for now, if my baby is full and happy, then his momma is happy. No matter if it was my milk or not.

Have you encountered any feeding problems? Have you been ‘formula-shamed’? Did you ‘formula shame’ yourself like I did? I’d love to hear your stories below!


4 Struggles of Being a Stay at Home Mom

4 STRUGGLES OF A STAY AT HOME MOMMAI absolutely love being a stay at home mom. I feel like this is what I was born to do. Yes, there are days that are harder than others, but I really enjoy the time I get to spend with my little man. He keeps me on my toes every day, and I love being able to watch him grow. (Just yesterday he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time. At only 5 months old! I was shocked!)

Here is what I have recognized as the four main struggles of being a stay at home mom:

  1. Some days you won’t get anything done. There is so much you want to fit in your day, and somehow you wake up and what seemed like only an hour turned out to be 8 and you should have started dinner long ago. I feel like when I wake up I go from 0 to 100 mph and I maintain that the whole day. When you have a baby, the one phrase people say that I really hate is “Oh, just _________ when the baby sleeps!”. (You can fill this blank with just about anything. For example: take a shower, do laundry, do dishes, cook dinner, take a nap, do bills, clean the kitchen, read that book you’ve been trying to read for months… you get the picture). Yes, my son naps for about 8 hours every day. But usually even that isn’t enough time to finish my long list of things to do.
  2. You will go a little crazy some days. No, this doesn’t happen every day, but there will come a time where your husband comes home and you just need to leave the house for a bit. Being home every day is a blessing. But no one can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need to get out every once in a while, and have some good quality you time! This does not include running errands, by the way. Errands are not a relaxing outing, they are often more stressful than being at home. Sometimes that is all you have time for, but if you are able, do something for yourself to relax. My go-to “me” time is my morning workout. I try to get to the gym around the same time every day and this allows me to start our daily routine off the right way.
  3. People will expect more of you. I have noticed that people expect a lot more out of SAHM’s. I don’t know if they think we do nothing but sit at home all day waiting for our spouses to come home, but they are shocked when I tell them I haven’t had time to do something. (Refer them to #1 if this is the case with you) I will talk to someone, and they’ll say “oh, did you ever call so-and-so?”, or “did you get the chance to read that book I sent you?” No, I didn’t have time for any of those things. But since they worked full time with 4 kids and they were still able to keep up with the housework, they expect me to do all those things and have a spotless house, and have learned how to speak french in the mythological spare time that I am supposed to have.
  4. People will never stop asking you if you will ever go back to work. In only 5 months I have heard this phrase more times than I can count. Yes, some day I plan on going “back to work” but it’ll be when it is right for me, and for our family. I hear this so often it makes me feel guilty that I am staying home, and other people aren’t able to. I know I am lucky to be able to stay home, but I wish people didn’t make me feel bad for doing so.

My husband and I are looking forward to March because it means we are one month away from moving back to Wisconsin! I truly feel like that is where we belong, and we always talked about how we wanted our kids to grow up there. Houston has been a great learning experience for us, but we are so very excited to be living in a safe neighborhood where there is virtually no traffic. 😀

With this new move comes the opportunity for me to go back to work.

For the past 5 months, I have been home with Little S and taking care of him and our home. We decided this mostly for financial reasons, but I also felt it was my calling to be home and raise my child myself. I didn’t want other people raising my son, even if it was family. And now we are moving to the same city as family, and we have the opportunity for them to provide free daycare.

I know, I’d be crazy not to take advantage of FREE DAYCARE, right? Well I feel the same way, but I also have a lot of reservations about this.

First, I am stubborn, and I really like things done my way. I am working on this every day, and trying to learn how to accept others’ way of doing things. I don’t want to fight with family about my sons’ daily activities, or what he is eating. I just want to do things the way we have been doing them for the past 5 months. That is the whole point of us being the parents, right?

Second, I don’t want to miss one single day of being with him! I know this is inevitable, and some day my child will spend his whole day without me. But for now, I want to be there with him all day every day. I seriously don’t know how my husband has been doing weekly trips around the country. I can’t even spend an hour at the gym without feeling like I’m missing something! I know it would only be temporary, and in a couple years when we have a house I will hopefully be able to stay home again with my kids. (I say kids because hopefully by then we will have another!)

This pressure to go back to work stems from pretty much every aspect of my life. Even the people who don’t know that our family offered to watch S have asked me about going back to work! The hardest thing has been how my husband feels about it. We are fully committed to doing a Total Money Makeover (which I fully advise EVERYONE reading this to look into, even if you only have a tiny bit of debt). According to the book, I should be working as much as humanly possible in order to get out of debt faster. I want to be out of debt, I really do. But I don’t want to give up being home with my son. Is that selfish? It might be. Both my husband, my mom, and my in-laws all expect me to get a job when we move back to Eau Claire, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d like to do less. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just feel like it is my calling to be a mother first.

If I could work from home, that would be my ideal compromise. We have a very good nap routine established now, so I know I would be able to get the work done. And if I had a big project one week, I’m sure the free daycare offer would still stand if I needed some peace and quiet. But the trouble with working from home is there really aren’t many options. I have a degree in Multimedia Communications, and my favorite aspect of that is graphic design. I could definitely do this from home, but everyone and their aunt is also out there trying to do the same thing. What gives?

My best bet right now is to update my portfolio, apply for some work from home positions, and go from there. Hopefully something turns up and I can continue my dream of being home with my little man. For now, this Momma is just straight worried.

Are there any other things you struggle with as a stay at home mom? Share them in the comments below!

My 7 Favorite Free Script Fonts

Hey everyone! I figured it was high time I did a free font roundup. I love script fonts – they are my go-to when I am looking for something a little funky or fancy. Here is a list of my most recent favorite script fonts, and the best part is they are all FREE on my favorite font site –!


  1. Ke Aloha
  2. Bromello
  3. Ma Sexy
  4. Daydreamer
  5. Cheddar Jack
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Olivier

I’d love to hear your feedback on these fonts, or to see what projects you used them for. Share them in the comments below!

See my previous font roundup for a list of my favorite non-script fonts to go with these.

Apps For Every Stage of Motherhood


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “What did we do before smartphones?”. You may have even said the phrase yourself! There is no denying that in today’s world technology plays a big part in our lives. Often times they can hinder our emotional and intellectual growth, but there are many times where I was so glad I had this wonderful tool to help me organize the 6 million things going on in my mind on a daily basis. Here are a few of the apps I have personally used in my short span as a Momma – check back periodically as I will update this list as I myself grow as mom and wife. (Side note, these are focused on moms, but they don’t exclude dads either! My husband has several of these on his phone as well so we can communicate more efficiently.)



  • Anylist – I have been using this app for several years now. It has the ability to organize so many different kinds of lists, and share them with others (i.e. any clueless husbands out there who have no idea what groceries you need from the store). I have lists of baby names, books to read, things to do, things to do before I die, you name it, I have a list for it here. This app also has the ability to store your favorite recipes, and the absolute best part about it is you can click the ingredients you don’t have in your pantry, and it will automatically add it to your grocery list! And not only that, but it will do so with a notation saying how much of that ingredient you will need for that recipe! This has saved me on countless occasions, and I love how easy it is to have everything in one place. They also just released a new feature with their paid version where you can put together a meal planning calendar all in the same app. I haven’t tried this yet, but I am seriously considering it. I will let you guys know if I do! (FREE – has a paid version as well)


  • EveryDollar – We just started using this app last week as a start to our Total Money Makeover (We are so revved up about getting out of debt thanks to Dave Ramsey!!!). Before, my husband did all the money-making and I did all the money-spending. This meant we were almost never on the same page about how much money we had to spend, or how much we had in our savings. We have now learned that not communicating properly about our finances is what got us into our financial pickle. We aren’t in as much debt as most married couples our age, but we certainly are farther from being debt free than I would have liked to be by now. Not having a budget, especially when you have children is ludicrous, and I am kicking myself for it now! This app has your whole budget in one place, and you can pay a yearly fee to link your bank account to it. It is so easy to use, and it has helped us communicate about finances, which is sadly one of the main reasons for divorce. (FREE – has a paid version as well)



  • Ovia Fertility – If you are serious about trying to concieve (known in the internet world as TTC), this app is a wonderful resource to become more in tune with what is happening with your monthly cycle. You log when you have a period, and it automatically calculates when you should be ovulating. This way you and your partner know the optimal days for TTC without taking the guesswork out of it. I only had to use this app for 2 months before I found out I was pregnant with my first, and I am using it now to help keep tabs on my cycle for when we are ready to have our second. It not only tracks your period, but you can also enter your weight, mood, other symptoms, intercourse, cervical fluid, ovulation/pregnancy tests, temperature, blood pressure, sleep, weight, nutrition, activity, medications, and your kitchen sink. It also gives tips and tricks for concieving and more. This app is truly a wonderful place for tracking everything your body goes through on a daily basis! (View my post on Why We Didn’t Tell Anyone We Were TTC) (FREE)




  • Ovia Pregnancy – Like the Ovia Fertility app, this was a great app to store all my pregnancy symptoms and other related information. It tells you how many weeks you are, how big the baby is, places to add milestones, doctors appointments, weight, sleep, blood pressure, mood, activity, symptoms, nutrition, kicks and more! You can also add in photos of your belly, or of your ultrasound pictures. It is a great place for all your pregnancy info in one convenient spot. (See my post about How I Announced My 1st Pregnancy) (FREE)




  • Smart Contraction Timer – This timer was very helpful when I was in pain and my husband was alternating between frantically pacing around the house and sitting on the couch next to me asking “Is it time? Should we go to the hospital? Should I call the doctor? Should I pack up the car? Is it still hurting?” This way he could time the contractions every time I told him to stop and start it. If you log contractions frequently enough, however, it may tell you “It’s time to go to the hospital!” when it really isn’t. I used this more as a reference for when we finally did call the doctor. (FREE)




  • BabyNursing – I started using this app the first day my son was born. It was really great in the hospital, because I was still groggy from delivery and it helped me when the doctors come in and quiz you on the last time they ate, slept, pooped, etc. I still use this app every day, as it is able to track feeding schedules (both nursing and bottle feeding), pumping, diaper changes, sleeping times, solid foods, baths, doctor visits, medication & vaccinations. You can also enter in their weight, height and head measurements to help track growth! (View my post about the 8 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding) (FREE – also has a paid version)


  • Peekaboo – This app has been a miraculous find for me. My little one was born when we lived on the opposite side of the country from the rest of our families. He is the first grandchild on either side so naturally our parents as well as our siblings are obsessed with him. This led to us getting daily texts saying “I need to see more pictures of him!” or “Did you get the onesie I sent you? I need to see that it fits!”. I discovered this app as a way to cut down on the amount of time spent texting photos to everyone. I didn’t want to be one of those oversharing parents and posting on Facebook when every little thing happens, so this app was perfect! You upload your photos and/or video and anyone who has subscribed as your family member will be able to open the app and see them whenever they want! The other great thing about this app is you can download them to your computer as well. This was really great when I accidentally deleted a bunch of photos from my phone – all I had to do was request the download link and voila! (FREE)


Check back here periodically, as I will update this list with more new apps to help you become a more organized parent!

What apps do you use to help organize your family? Share them below!

5 Books To Read Before Your Due Date

5 BOOKS TO READ BEFORE YOUR DUE DATEWhen I found out I was pregnant, I vowed to read every baby book I could get my hands on. There were many, however, I didn’t quite get to until after I delivered Little S. Once I got the hang of reading while nursing (This took more coordination than I anticipated), I continued to read every book I possibly could.

Here are 5 books that I recommend reading before you deliver.

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Duh) There’s a reason why this book is the most popular pregnancy book. This is the most comprehensive and easy to understand book about being pregnant. I was always wondering what my body was doing at each stage of the pregnancy, or how big my little man was getting. I started out reading each chapter as I would come to that month, but eventually I began to read ahead. This way I knew what to expect for the coming months, in case some my symptoms showed earlier than most. The best example I have of this is actually right before I delivered. I ended up having contractions a few weeks before my due date, and I am so glad I read ahead to the delivery section so that I could prepare myself for what was about to happen! That being said, there are a lot of things in this book that most likely won’t happen to you (we’re looking at you, cytomegalovirus). This can cause you to worry unnecessarily. Take each piece of information with a grain of salt, and try not to obsess over every little thing. If you feel like something is really wrong, call your doctor, but don’t think every little pain or twinge is cause for concern.

2. Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! This one’s for all those dads out there. I gave this book to my husband the day I told him I was pregnant, and he simply flew through it! There are a lot of great points about how to help support your partner during the pregnancy and delivery process, and I think it helped my husband see the big picture.

3. What to Expect The First Year A lot of people don’t even know this one exists. I am so glad I read this one, as I knew nothing about babies. (When I say nothing, I mean I had literally changed one diaper in my life and that had been about 10 years prior!) Once they hand you your little one and send you on home, you will be very glad you read this book beforehand. It covers everything from breastfeeding tips and CPR to bathing and teething. All in all it was very helpful, and is still a great reference when I am unsure about when those big milestones should be happening. I actually just pulled it out last week because Little S looks like he is about to roll from his back to his tummy any day now, and I thought that seemed early. It is, but then again he’s been ahead of the curve for all the other milestones too. I guess he takes after his daddy, because he is so strong!

4. & 5. Secrets of The Baby Whisperer & On Becoming Babywise These books saved my sanity. Both of these titles have excellent sleep tips for babies of all ages, as well as how to understand what your baby is crying about. For the first four months of his life, I thought every time Little S cried it was because he was hungry. Sometimes, that was true, but often times I misinterpreted his tired cry as a hungry cry. He would cry, I’d think he was hungry when really he was just tired. This caused him to not only still be very tired, but now overfed which would equal one cranky baby! I read both these books within a couple days of each other and adopted parts of both to create a more predictable daily routine for us. Before I read these books, I’d go days between showering because I never knew how long he was going to sleep. After I understood what S wanted, I was so much more productive with our day, and it made us both much happier!


On a tight budget? Rent any of these books from your local library for FREE! I had copies made of a few charts that I found helpful, but really there is no need to have your own personal copy of each of these books.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think? What other books did you read to help prepare you for motherhood? Share them below!

8 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding


I knew before I even met my husband that when I became a mom, I wanted to breastfeed. There are countless health benefits to both mother and child, it is far more convenient than having to lug bottles and formula around, and the best part – it’s FREE! I talked briefly with my own mother about her breastfeeding experience, but really there were many things that surprised me those first few weeks postpartum.

Here is a list of 8 things that no one told me about breastfeeding:

1. It is MESSY. Be prepared to have milk all over your shirt, your pants, your bra, your baby, and any clothing they might be wearing. I nursed my son with a nursing pad folded over the side of my bra that was pushed down, a blanket or towel under my baby and a bib on him and he still managed to get milk in his eye, on his hands, the back of his neck, down the front/side/back of his onesie (or all of the above), all over my pants and down the back of my shirt. Not only this, but there were several times (especially in the middle of the night) when I’d forget to put my breast pad back in my bra and I’d leak through my clothes and onto the bed. Not ideal. Once he got the hang of it, we entered what I like to call his Puking Phase in which he spit up what seemed to be his entire meal. Right after we both had a fresh change of clothes. (Yippee!)

2. Your milk doesn’t come in right away. The entire time we were nursing in the hospital all he was getting was colostrum. This is vital to newborns, as it is full of protein and antibodies and comes out at a slower rate to help them learn to suck. It wasn’t until a few days after we left that my milk came in. (Once this does happen, see #1.)

3. It’s hard. My son latched on immediately while we were in the hospital, and the day after we got home my milk came in and suddenly he forgot what to do! After trying everything under the sun, I ended up having to use a nipple shield for a week to get him to latch properly. The shield stopped my hormonal uncontrollable crying-while-nursing episodes but it also made me leak all over as soon as I put it on. (See #1 again)

4. Feeding in public is not as easy as it looks. Even with a nursing cover, you may still end up flashing people. Don’t stress about this though, you have the right to feed your child anywhere you need to. If people give you a hard time, tell them ” it’s either this, or you can listen to him/her scream in hunger while you sit there and enjoy your pasta/shop for shampoo/wait in line at the pharmacy.” Don’t let anyone tell you it’s illegal to show your breast in public. Because them preventing you from feeding your child is actually what’s illegal. If you’re self conscious or don’t like making people feel uncomfortable (even though they shouldn’t because you’re using your boobs for what they’re made to do), try the cover. Just know that it is harder than it looks and may take some practice. The first time I used it I was at the zoo and I lucked out because my husband was with me. I was able to pass my little one discreetly sideways to him so he could burp and then hand him back to me to finish feeding. If you really want to use the cover, I’d suggest practicing at home a few times to get the hang of it.

5. It can get lonely. This might seem weird to say but for me, I loved the days my husband was home and would just sit with me while I nursed. The middle of the night nursing sessions were a different story though, as well as the second month when the hubs was gone most weeks for work. How can this be? You ask, you are sitting and spending time with your child, how could that be lonely? And don’t get me wrong, I loved nursing my son, but sometimes I craved human interaction with someone who could talk back to me. Not everyone will experience this, but I definitely did and it was nice when I had those few times my husband was with me.

6. It can be painful. The first few weeks were agony for me because my little one wanted to feed ALL THE TIME and my nipples never got a break. It turned out he wasn’t actually that hungry but he would just sit there and use me as a pacifier when I thought he was eating. These hour-long sessions would leave my nipples feeling bruised by the end of the day, and the only thing that helped was a hot shower and maybe a little bit of lanolin. (Careful though, that stuff will stain your clothes) eventually I caught on but being a new mom, I had no idea what to look for! These days Little S is now almost 5 months old, and I only have a brief amount of discomfort when I have a milk let down (When the milk actually releases, usually after a minute or so of him sucking).

7. Just when you think you might have it all figured out… Your baby is nursing perfectly and even sleeping through the night when suddenly BAM! Your milk supply diminishes for no apparent reason, and you will be left thinking, “Wait a minute? I thought we we settled this whole nursing problem!”. Well, when this happens, just remember that…

8. It is worth it! I was so tempted to throw in the milk stained towel when Little S didn’t want to feed from me. I felt so tired and rejected that after struggling for hours I just wanted to give up and get a bottle in order to get him to stop crying. I am so glad now that I didn’t. It was extremely hard in the beginning, but now that we have it down, I couldn’t imagine it any other way! We’re a good team now, and I love that we get our own special way of bonding that no one else will ever have with him.

What surprised you most when you began your breastfeeding journey?

10 Free Non-Script Handwritten Fonts

It’s time for another font roundup!

Most handwritten font roundups you see are all script fonts. But sometimes you just need something a little different. These 10 fonts work well on their own, or paired with a handwritten script font.


10 Free Non-Script Handwritten Fonts:

  1. DK Breakfast Burrito
  2. LOlivier
  3. Peach
  4. Peach Sundress
  5. Moon Flower
  6. Peas & Carrots
  7. Tamales
  8. Luna
  9. Hipsterish
  10. Brilliant

Have other non-script handwritten fonts you love? Share them below!

Why We Didn’t Tell Anyone We Were TTC


After we got married, the next question everyone kept asking us was, When are you going to have kids?

First off, I don’t know why people ask this. I know people are curious, and might not mean any harm by asking. But really, it’s none of their damn business when you may or may not procreate.

My husband and I decided that we were going to tell people that we were waiting a few years after our wedding before trying to have any kids. We told everyone this. Our best friends, our siblings, and even our parents.

When we finally told our family and friends that I was pregnant, the large majority of them were shocked (With the exception of my Dad, who claimed he ‘Had a feeling’ that I was pregnant. Yeah, right Dad).

These were the many reasons that we decided to ‘mislead’ everyone:

  1. It might take you longer than you expect. My husband and I had prepared ourselves for the fact that it could take months, even years to get pregnant. We were pleasantly surprised when it only took two months, but it could have been a 3 year process. You really don’t want nosy soon-to-be grandparents people asking you on a weekly basis how it’s going. Cause it might not be going so well, and you really won’t need reminding of that fact.
  2. You may be unable to have children. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy (not that I have any), but it does happen. Some people are born into this world and are heartbreakingly never able to create life themselves. You really don’t want people asking about how everything is going if you have found this out, and they will end up feeling horrible for asking. Not to mention telling your parents that they might not become grandparents after all? Best not get their hopes up, just in case.
  3. People may try and talk you out of it. I had a friend that got married at 22 and knew she wanted to have kids right away. Sadly, she let family convince her she was too young and she should a) enjoy being a married couple first, b) take care of their debt and/or save up more money. Yes, you should absolutely enjoy being a married couple, but who says you won’t enjoy it more whilst trying to concieve? 😉 In my opinion, there is never going to be that exact right time to have children, so just make sure you have enough savings and have kids when YOU are ready to have kids, not when everyone else thinks you should.
  4. It’s WAY more fun to surprise everyone! The look on my parent’s faces when we told them in the aiport was truly priceless. Their faces turn from shock, to pure joy (and of course, my mother breaking into tears) I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Did you have any of these happen to you while trying to concieve? Did you tell people or not? Share your stories below!

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How I Announced My First Pregnancy


When I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon with happiness, and simply shocked that it only took a few months of trying! We really had prepared ourselves mentally for it to take at least 6 months. All our friends and family were so surprised when they found out, because we were telling everyone we weren’t telling anyone that we were trying to conceive. (More about why in this post) We were able to tell the special people in our lives in pretty unique ways, and needless to say they were all very surprised and excited!

Telling My Husband

The first thing I wanted to do was have a special way to tell my husband that he was going to be a father. This I did by taking the positive pregnancy tests (I took three, might have been overkill, but I wanted to be sure!), putting them in a box, and adding a book called Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! on top. When my husband got home from work that day, I told him I had a surprise & gave him the box. Unfortunately my attempt to get his reaction on camera totally failed because my phone died before he had even opened the box. The reason my phone died? I was googling random pregnancy questions all day, so the battery was completely gone. (#MommaFail) Funny story about his reaction though – he was afraid to open the box! He saw I was recording and thought maybe something was going to jump out at him. He finally opened it at my insistence and once he saw what was inside he was speechless!

Telling My Parents

It was near impossible not to tell my parents, especially my mom, that I was pregnant. I tell my mom everything, and I don’t know how I kept it a secret for so long. They had planned a trip to fly down to Houston for a week, and it was planned for just about 5 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I knew that they would be the only people I would be able to tell in person, so I wanted to do something really fun! I took a sign that said “(Their Last Name), Party of Two, Welcome to Texas!” on one side, and the other side said “By the way… I’m Pregnant!” When they came down the escalator to baggage claim, I held up the sign and my husband videotaped their reaction. Of course, my mother cried – it was truly priceless!

Telling My Siblings

My husband is worse at keeping secrets than I am, so of course he didn’t even make it two weeks before he had to tell someone. We FaceTimed with his parents first, and then with his brothers and their wives. I didn’t want to tell my siblings over the phone, so I mailed them Valentines Day cards with a little poem that went something like this: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This coming September Your Niece or Nephew is Due!”. On the back, I left a space to write a little note to each of them, and of course included the most recent ultrasound!



Posting to Facebook

Finally after our immediate families knew the happy news, it was time to tell extended family and friends! Being a graphic designer makes me drool over getting to design stuff like this, and I knew that I wanted to do something special and hopefully holiday related. We didn’t want anything on Facebook until I was through the first trimester, so we decided St. Patrick’s day would be good timing to tell the world. The image we posted says “We’re Feeling Extra Lucky – Baby Wesley due September 24, 2015”, and of course includes an ultrasound as proof!


How did you tell your loved ones the happy news? Share below!

Hello Internet!

Well Hello there!

You are currently reading the very first post in what I hope will be a very exciting part of my life as a wife and a new mom. I have so much to share with you, but first, a few things about me:IMG_0677_bw

Born & raised in Wisconsin = Forever Cheesehead.

I met my husband in Eau Claire, Wisconsin – his hometown, and the town of my Alma Mater. We got married on a beautiful June day, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

I love animals, I originally intended on going to vet school, but unfortunately the universe said ‘No’ in the form of allergies.

I am a closet nerd. Most people are surprised when they hear me quoting entire scenes from Lord of the Rings.

I am a certified Zumba Instructor! I had to put this on hold during my pregnancy, but more on that in my next post.

I am a graphic designer, an avid font collector, and recently I have gotten into calligraphy and hand lettering.

I love any kind of arts & crafts! I think my husband will banish me to the couch if I come home with one more skein of yarn, or paper punch. Sooner or later he will get used to it, right?

But most importantly, I have recently become a MOTHER! I gave birth to Silas on September 16, 2015 and my life has been forever changed.

Tune in every Monday for my weekly blog post.